Thursday, May 8, 2014

Puppies Week 4

The puppies are all seeing and hearing!  As of yesterday they have begun life in a new "home" from the bedroom to the kitchen.  In the kitchen they will be exposed to more activity around them as well as fresh air and trips outside.
They will also transition to eating on their own this week.  The first step we did was introduce them to marrow bones so they learn to lick rather suck for food.  Twice a day they have the bones for 30 minutes.
Also we are encouraging them to use a potty box.  I can't tell you how much I want this to work.  Now they have a sleep area and potty area.  They will not spoil their sleep area and the idea is to give them only a potty area to go to.  Once they get use to potty in the pellets then we will reduce the potty area and they should then (I hope) seek out the boxes of pellets.  So with broom in hand, I am ready to tackle the first step in housebreaking.  Hopefully future puppy families will reap the benefits!

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